1. The discipline of mediocrity

Incongruent irrationality: the voluntary loss of the perspective that is true to goodness and evil. Corruption of the conscience by obeying, servility. The right to use violence under the blanket of laws written by the infamous hands of injustice. Integrity lost to the shelter of being a few steps above: the authority. How many must be crushed into their hands to realize that there has been too many?

2. Tripalium

I don’t understand how a heart can keep on beating in the chest of many people. it should be standing still, motionless, a reflection of their feelings. An unpleasant mirror of null senses, to live dying, to live killing. Just hoping to be on top, on top of the abysm they have created. They live our life, turning it into a cruel routine.
Among hypocrite smiles they hide their fangs they use to bleed every living being. Giving away little crumbs so other eyes rest peacefully and our hands mechanically keep on oiling the gears that keep them alive.
We lose our lives at our working places, joining the links of the chains we drag.

3. The catastrophe of imposition

We’ll break the geometry of the forms of the predesigned circuits for our movements. In that instant the suffering of the needles that mark the time will stop; and the bonfires will shine like never before in front of the useless needs that tie down our joys. It will be the invasion of the invaded against the fugacity of ideas and dreams, It’ll stand with real facts watching the fall of the beast, turning the intangibility of words into something more than a simple joining of letters, we’ll make them sensible to our touch.

4. Ignominy

Inertia pushes us through paths of false perfect roses. On the road we repeat the ritual of stepping on everyday trails walked on so many times before, bringing out submission. Forgetting that beauty lies in the perfect imperfection of nature.
We unbalance the balance speculating with illusory impressions in order to try to breathe easily this foul air with the greed of someone that kills everything,  heals fire with fire and pokes in the wounds with his fingers.
We are a factory against the world of tall chimneys and low passions. Ignoring the pain of our legacy, we set our earth on fire.
Alters of human greed, we construct. We form infinite deserts. We trade the inner aspects of life for the self-idolatry of our days. 

5. Jericho

All the walls will fall upon the ruins of your ideals, everything built on despise will crumble. The cracks of welfare are expanded by the strong blast of the non-conformist cries of the mutes, by the echoes of the souls rambling on the streets covered with thorns, searching the ways in which their illusions be not buried in the thick mud of your pretentions.
And they will fall, your walls will fall, turning into debris. And they will sink, your ambitions will sink, and not one apex of your words will float on the lava of our wrath.
The shadow of the life you robbed from us covers all the glitter of your empire, the stones you left on the road will make us feel more alive today.

6. Convert us

Close our eyes and teach us a reality different from which we now sense, give us peace with lies, calm us with illusions, whisper fallacies so we can sleep at night, tame us and we shall imprint on fire the mottos we will chant.

Give us the virtue of hypocrisy and let`s love blindly your one idea. Give us the pole to fly your flag. Recruit us, convert us in one more of your followers, dead people that parade dragging an artillery of lies. Satiate our hunger for idols, hunger for leaders.


Gracias a Moncho por las traducciones!

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